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About Gold Coast

The Gold Coast restaurant which is located at the beautiful river side is a local flavor restaurant. The main building of the restaurant is constructed by bamboo and fine decorations everywhere. It is a new target of sea food meal we support in Hsinchu. The restaurant is a high quality place in which you can avoid far from the noisy city and release your mind in here.

Professional Service

Easy to eat the shrimp but pick the shrimp. It is hard to manage a nice dishes of living shrimp to meet the taste of customer. The Gold Coast restaurant cooks are professional have a way with sea food, especially in live shrimp. The restaurant was started at 1995 and has only 8 staffs. And until now we have nearly 60 staffs working here and we have almost 500-600 customers visited everyday. You will being served by our friendly and well-trained staff.

Comfortable Eating Environment

The restaurant owner is an art fanaticism. He wishes to create a comfortable eating environment and can relaxing customer's mind. The building of main base of restaurant is built by bamboo and artificial pond at outside of building. You will see a small waterfall in the pond decorating with special splendid stones. We also have a large parking lot for you.

Comfort, environment, delicacy, delicacy

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