Environment Guide
Environment Introduce
  Golden Coast provides not only large comfortable eating room but also big parking lot. We have a pleasure ground for your children , a beautiful stone fountain and a small bridge for your walking and a waterfall for your viewing
TThree partitions
  Bamboo room 1/room2, star light garden and bamboo fence flower garden provide you the various dinner environments. And you can enjoy our delicious meal at luxurious place. ...
Gold-Coast Shrimp Resturant 
No.396, Sinsi St., Jhubei City, Hsinchu County (The intersection of SHUILI Bridge. )
Tel:03-5511222 Fax:03-5510000 Email:
Open Time : Weekday: PM 4:00PM~00:00AM, Holiday and National holiday: 11:30AM~00:00AM
( High quality Only Us Gold Coast Restaurant )